9 Fun Date Ideas To Try in London in 2022

9 Fun Date Ideas To Try in London in 2022

January. New Year’s resolutions. New Year, New Me. Blah blah blaaaaaaaah.

Whilst we’re all for rolling our eyes at the cheesy clichés that this time of year brings, it does actually help all of us take stock and reflect on certain things we’d like to achieve over the next 12 months……… Especially considering the fact we spent 5 months of 2021 in lockdown. With that in mind, it’s time to break free from the “date night” shackles of every third Thursday at Frankie and Benny’s and think a little more outside the box!

Here are 9 fun date ideas to try in London in 2022…..


1. Become a GHOSTing Pro

Yep, we’re talking about the classic nineties movie – not cowardly ignoring your partner’s messages. Alluding to the famous pottery scene, why not try a class with your date and play out all of those Swayze/Moore fantasies with Token House. Regular classes run at their Bermondsey studio so you’ll definitely be able to find something that suits.


2. aMUSE Yourselves

OK, so a museum date may not fill you with the same excitement as, say, watching a jaguar fight a crocodile on Youtube. BUT. Not all museums are created equal and the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curosities in east London is certainly like no other. Expect to see things such as Dodo bones and the “intriguing beauty of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys”.


3. A HUGe Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

So, hugging randoms in this day and age may not be high on the list of “most hygienic things to do in 2022” but, if we’ve learned anything over the past 2 years it’s that screens are a poor substitute an in real life experience (hello, Zoom dates). A cuddle workshop (yep, a thing) with your date will definitely be an experience to say the list – and may well unlock a different sense of intimacy you may not have known you had!


4. Get Over That BOARDom

London evenings in the winter: Pouring rain, freezing, expensive…. We don’t blame you for wanting to stay in. So, stay in. Avoid trawling through Netflix for an hour and pull out a dark game of Threesome! Boardgames spend the majority of their lifetime gathering dust these days, so blow off the cobwebs, put on some cool music in the background and do something a little more interactive. Threesome is a great alternative to Cards Against Humanity and is also on special at the moment on Amazon!


5. KICKstart Your Evening

Competitive dates are always good. Do you let them win? Do you go full-throttle trying to win in the hope that you’ll come across as super impressive? Decisions, decisions. Anyway, Toca Social in Greenwich is a football-based competitive social events venue for you to try to SCORE some points with your date and definitely worth spending an evening at!


6. Bury the HATCHET

We’ve all been on dates where we’ve wanted to pick up an axe. Well, Whistlepunks (great name) in Vauxhall is THE place in London to throw axes in a legal manner. Go as a couple or group as you’ll be able to pit yourself against each other in a tournament-style scenario that lets you take out all of that aggression you’ve built up over the past 2 years.


7. Turn Over a New LEAF

Veganuary is in full swing and if you and your date are trying your darndest to stay on track then take a night off from the Quorn sausages and head to Rudy’s Vegan Diner in Islington. Not just an eat-in caff, Rudy’s is also a 100% plant-based butcher with delicacies such as pastrami, “ribz” and salami!


8. Do a Full 180

Darts have moved on from a chipped old board taking up space in a smoke-filled corner of a dive-pub that the health department would love to close down. Enter the Flight Club, the dart-themed bar that lets you and your date fill the awkward silences with games of “killer” over a G and T and a bowl of sweet potato fries. Perfect for a first date in central London with locations on Oxford Street, Victoria, Islington and Shoreditch in London.


9. STAND UP and be Counted For

If you thought you were the only one who suffers from a never-ending cycle of terrible dates….. You couldn’t be more wrong. Color Me Badd Dates is London’s biggest cult open-mic nights all about dating experiences. Good, bad and just damn jaw-dropping – you never know what’s going to appear on stage. Happening every couple of months at the Book Club in Shoreditch the next one is an Anti Valentine’s Day special on the 16/2 and is the perfect way to show your date that you’re actually not that bad!