5 cool date ideas this week 21/1 – 27/1

The last weekend in Jan is always filled with fabulous frolics of a Scottish nature as we celebrate Burns night. This week also marks the anniversary of the death of one of England’s notorious Kings, so we’ve taken on a slightly historical theme this week. We’ve also gone continental, with both Italy and France inspiring our date suggestions for you this week in London.

A Stroll Back In Time

Something for all you history buffs. Fancy taking a stroll through some of the most historic parts of the capital? There’s nothing better than getting to learn juicy historical facts while you walk and talk. Well we’ve got something even better, a walk in the footsteps of King Charles I as he made his way to his death, on the very anniversary of his execution. Spooky…


We all know that “there is no love sincerer than the love of food”, very well said George Bernard Shaw! What’s better than eating it? Making it then eating it, with the expert instruction and the enchanting setting of Petersham Nurseries. They’ll be running pasta-making classes throughout Jan. We’ve also got a little culinary delight of an event up our sleeves for you, so stay tuned!

Bonny Scotland

Whether you are Scottish or not, it’s hard not to join in the celebrations that surround Burns Night. Robbie Burns would be proud of the vast choice that London beholds, but the piece de la resistance has to be a Ceilidh on the Cutty Sark! That 150 year old pirate-style ship down in Greenwich, named after one of Mr Burns’ poems, you know the one! There’ll be food, drink and dancing a plenty, its set to be a hoot!

Fashioned From Nature

Never before have has it been more important to understand the relationship between fashion and nature. The V&A has created yet another jaw-dropping show, one that delves deep into the history of fashion and how it is interwoven with nature. A thought-provoking exhibition, one that will invite you to think about the origins of your clothes.

 Paris is Always a Good Idea

If you don’t fancy jetting across the channel then head to Olympia this weekend for all things French! Whether you want to sample that perfect croissant, sip a delicious Pouilly Fume, peruse the French properties, or plan a summer getaway to St Tropez. You can do it all in London this weekend!