Ice, Ice, Baby: 5 London date ideas this week 16 July – 22 July

ICE, ICE, BABY! We’re halfway through summer, but don’t get disheartened about days gone by (and World Cup’s not won), because the best is yet to come. This month, we’re all about ice cream and we’ve got the scoop on where to get the best whip, flake and cone.

Grey is the new soft serve

99p Flake? Pffffttt, time to upgrade your creamy treat. We were wandering around Shoreditch the other day, and noticed that everyone was holding a peculiar treat. The cone was black, the cream was grey, the curiosity was overwhelming.

It’s the latest flavour from the Soft Serve Society: Charcoal coconut-flavour ice cream, served in a pitch-black cone. Pimp your treat by adding a cloud of candy floss.

Get the Magnum for pleasure

The Magnum dipping bar returns! Pick your favourite flavour, choose from a plethora of add-ons and post it to the ‘gram to show everyone how cool you are. #makemineaMagnum

The ultimate SCOOP

Soft serve. Gelato. Sorbet; we’re spoilt for choice on textures and tastes in 2018. But what kind of frozen treat did people enjoy back in the day, and what’s the latest on ice cream scene?

The Museum of Food presents SCOOP: A Wonderful Ice Cream World – an immersive exhibition that features ice cream weather, glow-in-the-dark ice cream and ‘the dark side of desserts’. Open until 30th September.

We’re not Yolk-in about this flavour

What do you get when you combine macaroons and ice cream? Visit Yolkin on 24 Rupert Street, and you’ll find out.

Mister, I dough-nut want ice cream – I want a sandwich

In the spirit of hybrid treats (the crownut, the wonut, the cookie shot), Mister Fitz’s pop-up parlour, launched by Doughnut Time, has opened in Soho, where instead of a cone, you can have your ice cream nestled between two cookies. Open until the end of August.