5 Cool London Date Ideas 26/7-1/8 2021

5 Cool London Date Ideas 26/7-1/8 2021

Modern dating is like London weather – mental. So as we navigate our way through the new normal, here are 5 cool London date ideas this week to give your love life a creative shot in the arm.

The “Might aMOUNT to Something” Date

There are “pop-ups” and there are “POP-UPS”. This one has literally POPPED UP from the ground as the 25-metre high Marble Arch Mound towers over central London. Tickets are £4.50 and it opens today running until the end of August.

The “Go Hard or GOGH Home” Date

It’s EAR! The Van Gogh Immersive Experience in Shoreditch is definitely a date idea that’s anything but standard. A very hands-on day out will see you wade through sunflower fields whilst getting a feel for what Vincent Van Gogh’s life was really like. Tickets are £24.50 per adult and can be booked online.

The “DABble in Something Different” Date

Bingo’s back. Whilst there are so many bingo companies to choose from, Dabber’s Bingo near Liverpool Street is always a winner. Every round is different with great prizes and entertainment to make this date perfect whether it’s a first, four-hundredth or as a group.

The “DODGY” Date

Ever wanted to run your date over with a car? Well, here’s the next best thing. Dodge at Somerset House is a great date idea to let go of that built up aggression. Whether you’re into you’re into each other or not, this will definitely be a fun afternoon.

The “SKATING on Thin Ice” Date

It’s hot outside, well, unless it’s pouring down in biblical proportions. Either way, ice skating is that date idea that’s generally reserved for Christmas. BUT, Queens Ice Skating in central London is polishing its rink this summer for you to fall over and make an arse out of yourself year-round in front of somebody you’re trying to impress!