5 Cool London Bank Holiday Date Ideas 27/8-30/8 2021

5 Cool London Bank Holiday Date Ideas 27/8-30/8 2021

It’s a bank holiday weekend this weekend (insert loud crowd cheering sound effect here)! So, with an exotic last-minute European break out of the question (sorry Weston-super-Mare), here are some London-based date ideas for this bank holiday that are a little more outside the box.

ONE. The “Nothing VICious” Date

If you fancy travelling back in time (don’t we all), Vauxhall is having a Victorian-themed weekend at the Pleasure Gardens where you and your date can experience everything from circus performers to street food. Dressing up may be a bit much on a first date, but it’ll definitely be a laid-back afternoon.

TWO. The “I SCREEN All My Dates” Date

Why pay to go to the cinema when you can watch one on the big screen for FREE! Yep, Wembley Park are pulling out all the stops to encourage us all to go out more and do stuff with their Summer on the Screen. It’s only going to be around for another week for so – so make hay whilst the sun’s shining… Literally.

THREE. The “Nothing FESTering Under the Surface” Date

A biggie, so maybe not one for a first date. All Points East Festival is on this weekend and great for couples who want to let their hair down. It’s been a while since a lot of us have been to a festival, so it might be a little more appealing to start local before venturing further afield.

FOUR. The “Can’t Wait to MEAT Them” Date

A burger on a first date might be pretty standard practice. BUT throw in the fact that it’s National Burger Day and all of a sudden it’s almost an obligation that you grab a burger together. Head to Vinegar Yard near London Bridge for some of London’s best burgers and sliders for you to sample.

FIVE The “They’re a Bit of a LUNARtic” Date

One for the culture vultures… The Museum of the Moon is happening as part of the Kensington and Chelsea Festival. Expect an interactive installation of imagery and sound including a detailed replica of the moon that measures at 1:500,000. It’s free, but must be booked in advance and is only on until Monday.

Have an amazing bank holiday weekend!