5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 1/4 – 7/4

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week


Have a hot date this week – or perhaps just doing a favour for a friend…. This week’s London date ideas are cooler than Barry White smoking a cigar.

The “What’s the PLANt, Stan? Date

Vegan Nights is back on Brick Lane featuring plant-based street food outdoors with a great community feel. The weather’s getting better…. So, you know – it’s going to be fun.



The “Not a Bahhhhhhhd” Date

So, we all know that have a drink on the river during the Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race is a birth right. But, for something straight out of left field why not try the Oxford v Cambridge Goat Race at Spitalfields? Yep, no doubt your date will be impressed….


The “suSHE’S a Keeper” Date

Film, food, culture, music – cover all your bases on the one date! South Social Celebrates Japan is on happening on Saturday 6/4!


The “Don’t FLEA Me” Date

Strolling around Peckham and checking out vintage bits and bobs is a fun day out. I’ve actually done this on a date – and she actually went out with me again…. Anyway, the Peckham Flea Market is happening this Sunday, so load up on pennies and get involved!


The “CANal I See You Again?” Date

Number 90 Bar in Hackney is turning 5! The canal-side institution in East London is opening its doors for a 3-day disco! There’s going to be DJ’s, art, food and just general good vibes. Great place to take your date whilst romantically strolling along the canal!

Until next week!