5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 10/1 – 16/1

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 10/1 – 16/1

Our first full week back at work…. Blurrrrrrrr. BUT, don’t let that thought grind you down as you should still be well and truly in “New Year’s resolution” mode wanting to DO as many things as possible in 2022. With that in mind, here are 5 cool London date ideas this week to help you and your date ditch those awkward silences and leap into 2022 full of vigueur!

1. The “Let’s CURL Up With Each Other” Date

Curling, a sport we all think we’d be able to compete in at the Olympics has taken up residence at the Langham in London until February. So, now’s the chance for you and your date to see whether you’ll actually be ready for Paris in 2024 or that sweeping ice with a broom is a hell of a lot harder than it looks!

2. The “On Thin ICE” Date

Continuing on with the ice theme, the skating rink at the Natural History Museum is saying goodbye forever on the 16th. It’s your last chance to fall over and really hurt yourself as kids skate pass you and laugh making it even more painful….. Yeah, definitely only a good idea for those with some skating nouse and coordination.

3. The “Life and SOL of the Party ” Date

Every couple’s fave date night out – Cirque Du Soleil is back this week! “Luzia” kicks off at Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday the 12th and will be pumping out shows until the end of February. One more for the long-term couples…. Unless you really want to go all in on a first date – which we don’t recommend.

4. The “SHUFFLE Over a Bit” Date

Shuffle-boarding is great fun. It’s official. So, electric shuffle boarding must be the absolute pinnacle of shuffle-boarding as far as we’re concerned. A cool date night where there’s no awkward silences plus drinks and food are readily available at their London Bridge and Canary Wharf locations.

5. The “Let’s Just VEG Out”

One for the “Veganuary” enthusiasts (or even for those wanting a bit of a change). Farmacy in Notting Hill has received rave reviews since it opened in 2016 and is still going strong post-lockdown. This is obviously a busy month for the biodynamic farm-to-electric van-to-plate restaurant so bookings in advance are needed.

Until next week!

The Smudged Team