5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 11/11-17/11

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 11/11-17/11

With Halloween gone for another year our focus slowly shifts towards Christmas. So, time to put down those phones and take your date on something FUN! Here are this week’s cool London date ideas……


The “You’re On Thin ICE” Date

Ice skating in theory sounds like a great date idea. Being rugged up in a nice big coat, holding each other’s gloved hands…… Holding onto the hand rail the whole night because you can’t skate. If you can skate, even just enough to stay on your feet for an hour – then definitely go for it. If you can’t and are incredibly likely to really hurt yourself and take out a few kids whilst falling every 2 seconds, then it’s better you give it a miss. The Tower Bridge ice skating rink opens this week with amazing views!


The “Better LATE Than Never” Date

OK, so a night at the Royal Opera House can produce feelings of either excitement or fear. BUT, there is a lot more to it these days than simply watching opera. Starting this week until April there are a series of hands-on “lates” where there are a number of activities including workshops and music. Tickets are only £8 too – so it won’t break the bank!


The “LIGHT of my Life” Date

The Enchanted Woodland is back! Yep, one for those who like romantic walks at night (in the non-creepy sense) – head to Brentford’s Syon Park for an immersive light show experience. The trail itself winds around a lake and is definitely worth the effort. Tickets are just £10 and great for a 4th or 5th date!


The “BLOODy Awesome” Date

You may have had your weekly fill of horror movies over Halloween, I get that. If you haven’t and would like your date to grab you (keep it clean, people) during all the scary bits of various horror flicks – then you are in luck! The Soho Horror Festival is back this weekend with a number of films to tickle your fancy!


The “I Could Only ImaGINe” Date

Gone are the days where you used to have to smuggle booze into a cinema to have a drink as so many are fully-equipped with bars now. Well, Hayman’s can go one better as their “Ginema” lets you watch movies inside their distillery in Balham. Movies are playing throughout the week including Mean Girls and Back to the Future. Tickets include a drink and goodie bag – and who doesn’t like a goodie bag?

Have an amazing week!