5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 13 – 19 August 2018

What’s happening Londoners? It’s time to stop being generic and going for generic drinks in a generic pub! Be bold! Here are this week’s 5 cool (kick-ass) London date ideas that will totally get you in the good books with that lucky someone! Jordi.

The “SPICE Up Your Life” Date!

It’s your last chance to embrace the Spice Girls Exhibition in Angel. I recommend wearing something Union Jack-ie and making a real day of it.

The right TONIC date!

Gin! Yes, this is one of those sophisticated dates involving Tasting the alcohol and not getting wankered! Oriole Bar in Smithfields Market is the place to be on Monday the 13th. Expect live music from 9 – so perfect whether it’s your first… or one hundred and first date!

The “I’m In Complete CHOC” Date

Chocolate and cocktails – ummmmm OOH LA LA! So, this Thursday at the Chocolate Cocktail Club (an actual thing) are taking up residence for over a month at No Such Thing in Covent Garden. Get in early to show-off to your date by saying “I know all the cool things happening in London”. Thank us later!

The “Just ROLLING With It” Date

Forget the football season starting again. Head to Tottenham (seriously – head to Tottenham) on Saturday night for Roller Derby action! Definitely an unforgettable experience for whoever you take!

The “I SCREEN All My Dates” Date

Dinner and a movie? Wow, that’s original! Any man can be forgiven for thinking they’ll be able to live off the story of that time they took their other half to see a movie at Somerset House. Well, it’s your last chance! Go on – you hopeless romantic…. Nothing says love like paying over the odds for a movie you can watch on Netflix for free.

Until next week!