5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 13/5-19/5

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 13/5 – 19/5


Indoors. Outdoors. First. Four-hundredth. This week’s date ideas literally cater for everyone.




The “PRIM and Proper” Date

One for dog lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike! The Primrose Hill Festival and Dog Show is happening on Sunday. Great for a first or 400th date. Fingers crossed for the weather!



The “Twist of FETE” Date

Village fetes – loads of things of to do, right? The Urban Village Fete in Greenwich this weekend is a great way to cram about four dates into one. Expect live music, workshops, street food….. And jars of jam with a tartan lid.



The “So FIT” Date

If you’re going out with someone who’s really into the whole “healthy body – healthy mind” thing – then this is definitely a goer. The Hackney Festival of Fitness has lots of outdoor activities…. And hopefully it’s not just the festival that gets the heart racing…. I’ll get my coat.



The “Kissed by a ROSÉ” Date

It’s London Wine Week……. This opens the door to how civilised you’d like your date to be. Whether it be tastings or by the bottle – it’s definitely a great way to get to know somebody.



The “We Just CLICK” Date

So, we all think we have some sort of artistic talent when it comes to photography – no? Well, if you’re looking for something a little more cultured, Photo London is happening from the 16th with tons of talks and exhibitions to engage with.