5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 13/9-19/9 2021

The “Something in COMMON” Date

Clapham Common is generally a great “walk in the park’ date….. Especially during lockdown. So, this week you can head there and immerse yourselves in COLOUR for Colourscape Music Festival held inside an inflatable dome. Yep, definitely not your run of the mill first date in London.

The “Date by DESIGN” Date

London Design Festival is back in real life. Whether you and your date are into design or not, it’s a great way to see some of London’s biggest creative minds showing off the fruit of their labours. It’s happening across the city, so it should be relatively easy to find something you’ll both like.

The “READING All the Right Signals” Date

One for the reading couples amongst us. The Queen’s Park Book Festival kicks off this weekend with a number of interesting talks and discussions about a broad range of books. There’s also a party on the Saturday night if you can time it right….

The “SAMPLING The Merchandise” Date

Window shopping is a great date idea. Aimlessly wandering in and out of shops with no real agenda is a great way to get to know somebody. Sample is back in Greenwich this weekend….. OK, so, it’s a sample market from cool indy designers where you’ll be able to find fashion, homeware and art – what’s not to like?

The “HOGGING My Attention” Date

Eating BBQ may not be the cleanest first date in the world…. BUT if you are comfortable enough to wear a bib and eat your fair share of meat – Dingley Dells’ Dirty Dozen BBQ Competition is happening this weekend with all proceeds going to charity. Tickets include 4 plates of BBQ and a beer as 12 of London’s best chef teams create some mouth-watering bbq pork dishes for you to inhale. Don’t expect a romantic evening afterwards – unless you’re into that sort of thing.

Until next week!