5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 17/5-23/5

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 17/5-23/5

Is this week the most anticipated week in the history of the UK? Like, ever? Maybe. Yep, we can now do stuff INDOORS! Who’d have thought that we’d get this excited to be able to do stuff that we’d taken for granted for so long!? So, without further adeau, here’s a mix of “all-weather” date ideas to get those creative juices flowing!

The “HIGH Point of the” Date

One thing’s for certain…. You can never be roof topped-out. Seeing London from a different angle is always exciting and at the new(ish) Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, you’ll be able to climb to the top of the stadium and look out over the whole of North London. Not just for Spurs fans – this is a date idea that will take your relationship to greater heights…. I’ll get me coat.

The “BOUNCING Back Into it” Date

Get away from the standard “drinks” date and release the big kid inside of you by taking your date to an INDOOR play centre. Flipout in Wandsworth is back taking bookings, so start limbering up with some home-based yoga and expect to be incredibly sore the day after!

The “I SCREEN All My Dates” Date

The cinema….. Yep, remember that? Even though the last 12 months hasn’t exactly produced the greatest list of Oscar-worthy epics we’re used to in years past, expect more and more decent films to be released over the next few months. Start with Oscar-nominated Nomadland by booking a sofa for you and your date at the beautiful Screen on the Green in Angel! 

The “MODEL of a” Date

Street food is always a great call for a date. Plenty to choose from, relaxed, and generally a lot cheaper than eating at a restaurant – you can’t really go wrong. Model Market in Lewisham is a great place for Friday evening date….. Especially seeing as other members of the Street Feast family, Dinerama and Hawker House won’t be making a post-Covid comeback.

The “BOWLED Me Over” Date

Rowan’s Bowling Alley in Finsbury Park is an institution. Sticky floors, old-school arcade, karaoke rooms…. You could spend a week in there. Soooo, get your mind out of the GUTTER and take your date bowling for some throwback fun that will certainly help you both STRIKE up a conversation! Again… I’ll get my coat.

Until next week…..