5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 18/3 – 24/3

Happy Monday! March is whizzing by its actually scary, so we’ve got a whole load of awesome date ideas to help you make the most of March! From a secret underground lagoon, right here in London, a secret gig and an artistic performance like you’ve never seen…

Kiss My Art

Those of you who have been to our Singles Life Drawing events in the past, will know how awesome our partner event host, the London Drawing School, are. This Saturday they’re throwing a one of a kind artistic extravaganza! A competitive live drawing event! Vote for your favourite whilst enjoying the music and atmosphere of Tanner & Co.

Sounds like a Secret

Let’s not lie everyone loves a surprise, even those who “pretend” they don’t we know you do! So what better date than a secret gig? You pick and date and an area, it’s then a lottery as for which bands and you’ll get to see three of them. Then 24 hours before the event, it’ll be the big reveal!

Barnes Music Festival

Perhaps the most middle class of music festivals, but there’s no denying it, a visit to Barnes is always enjoyable! Ending this weekend, you can catch their celebration of Jazz, orchestral, film and opera. You can catch the sights (and the pubs) as you make your way to the various venues.

A Pirates Life For Me

The only thing we love an immersive theatrical production is a speakeasy… So the Lost Lagoon is RIGHT up our street! Partnering with Captain Morgan, Bompas & Parr have created an underground lagoon and its up to YOU to navigate your way around it. Cocktails worthy of Blackbeard will be served throughout.

Richard II

On every Londoners bucket list has to be a visit to the Globe. Well there is no better time to go than now! Currently featuring an awe dropping performance of Shakespeare’s Richard II, that has had nothing but rave reviews!