5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 18/7-24/07

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 18/7-24/7

As the British media urges everyone to stay inside or face the risk of spontaneously combusting, the end of the week offers both a haven from the searing heat and a lot of cool date ideas for you to drag someone to. Here are this week’s 5 cool London date ideas….

The “No Longer SOUL-o” Date 

I bet rap icons De La Soul never in their wouldest dreams could have imagined they’d one dat headline Dreamland in Margate for the princely sum of £20 a ticket. Strictly not in London but definitely worth the effort for you and your date to go and see absolute some absolute legends do their thing this weekend. Make a day of it and embrace the seaside!

The “WOOL Over My Eyes” Date

Woolwich doesn’t get much love on this blog, so you south-east Londoners can punch the air with excitement as we spotlight the  brand spanking new Woolwich Words and Sounds Festival. Expect standup comedy, live music, poetry with the festival coinciding with the opening of the Woolwich Works arts space.

The “No Date is an ISLAND” Date

In the words of Lisa Simpson as fire breathing monsters attack at will “Monster Island, I thought they said it was just a name?”. “What they mean is Monster Island is actually a peninsula”. This is a very similar situation to London city Island…. Which is actually a peninsula. Check it out for yourself for the Islander Festival at London City Island for lots of cool things to embrace including live music and street food.

The “Never DIE-ary Wondering” Date

It’s the end of an era. The last ever Diary Days will be gracing the Book Club’s stage after 8 years for what has been an honour and a privilege. If you haven’t been, Wednesday the 20th is the last time you’ll be able to get involved as we read our old diaries, love letters, poems, MySpace updates and any other cringe-worthy bits and pieces in front of the most supportive crowd in London!

The “tROOF Hurts” Date

Rooftops aplenty invade London for what feels like 2 weeks a year. Trying to find a space on these rooftops is tough as well, so when it comes to San Carlo restaurant in Selfridges, it’s best you book ahead. It may not be the coolest, funkiest, liveliest, trendiest, hidden-est rooftop in London, but the food and service is great and makes for a romantic eve!

Until next week!