5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 2 July – 8 July

It’s a scorcher! London is due to get unbearably hot this week. And we don’t mean the sexy kind. Stay away from the tube at all costs, or if you must venture underground, do so with a water bottle and a healthy dose of deodorant…

Meanwhile, if you need to cool down in the city, there are plenty of ways to do so.

Hop in the Hot Tug

Slip into something more skimpy, and head over to Old Street or the Docklands with a few friends, a bucket of beer and a pair of sunnies. HotTug UK is an electric, self-drive floating hot tub with a BYO attitude. Yes, people will stare as you sail down the canals in a bikini – but you’ll be too busy having fun to give a damn.

All aboard the Alfred Le Roy

It may sound posh, but this cruise is more hipster than high-brow. In fact, it’s a cocktail cruise with 40 seats and a teeny, tiny bar where you can get your drink on. Sip on this year’s Aperol Spritz and nibble on treats from a sharing platter as your boat departs from Hackney Wick down River Lea.

Fourth of July weekend at Last Days of Shoreditch

Fourth of July Festival

Hanging out with your American pals in London or feeling a bit homesick? French’s Mustard and Frank’s RedHot are planning a feast at Last Days of Shoreditch with Buffalo wing eating contests, a super-size hot sauce fountain, pickleback shots and condiment flavoured ice cream (mustard, if you must know). Add beer pong, cheerleaders and a DJ, and it’s #independenceday.

Sit under the Sky(light)

Rooftop bars in London are having a moment, and one of our favourite spots is the Skylight. Come, chill and play croquet, far far away from the hustle and bustle.

Lido Lates

Remember the excitement you felt when you were a wee little one and your mum said ‘we’re going to the pool today’? This is the upgraded, adult version of that. Brockwell Lido is hosting a late night bash with floats, cocktails, street food and a wood-fired sauna. Hurry, there are only 120 tickets per night.