5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 28/2-6/3

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 28/2-6/3

As Feb draws to a close and people all over London ask “how is it March already”? It’s now time to drag yourselves away from your phones and organise a date night that’s actually fun. So, whether you’ve been together for 10 days or 10 years – here are 5 cool London date ideas that will guarantee a good time.

The “Wouldn’t BATtle an Eyelid” Date

Not sure what fun activity to book for your date? You’ve promised to organise something fun but it’s the day before and you still haven’t booked anything. Breathe, it’s ok. The Boom Battle Bar in Wandsworth has literally jammed every type of cool activity onto its premises to keep you and your date entertained. Expect axe throwing, shuffleboards, billiards and VIRTUAL darts (real darts is more dangerous than axe throwing apparently). South Londoners, you now have zero excuses for organising a crap date.

The “MARKet of a Great” Date

Market dates are a staple in our blog posts….. But this one has a few more LAYERS to it. Morito at Exmouth Market is hosting the famous Catalonian spring onion festival “Gran Fiesta di Calcotada”. They’re offering a 4-course meal for just £40 a head including El Bandarra Vermouth and some mouth-watering local dishes that will definitely leave you feeling full for the weekend. Bring gum with you if it’s a first date.

The “MYSTERIES of Life” Date

One for the culture vultures…. Or those just looking for something fun. The Park Theatre, Finsbury Park (London Hipsters’ choice of urban theatres) is hosting “Whodunnit Unrehearsed” for the next week or so. Expect a celebrity for each performance (Gillian Anderson graced the stage in the last few days). Tickets are from £10 and are as rare as hens’ teeth – though they are available daily via phone or online for the spontaneous.

The “LOL” Date

Standup comedy is a great date. Get someone else to make your date laugh so that you don’t have to. Winning all round. The Angel Comedy Club has 2 spaces running comedy all week that fills up no matter which day you plan on attending. Technically it’s free to watch, but definitely bring some cash as it’s a “pay what you feel” donation at the end that the comedians will receive…. So don’t be stingey in front of your date.

The “FLIPPIN’ Good” Date

Pancake Day. Shrove Tuesday. Fat Tuesday. Whatever you call it, it’s a great excuse for you and your date to inhale pancakes. Whether you’re into sweet or savoury, Where The Pancakes Are in Flat Iron Square has all of your bases covered. Then again, you could always be bold and cook them yourselves… Either way, make sure pancakes are firmly on the menu for Tuesday!


Until next week!