5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 28/8 – 2/9

Is it just me….. Or is summer pretty much over? It wouldn’t be very English if we didn’t complain about it straight away. BUT! Let’s all just take a second to reflect on how amazing it was first…. Aaaaaah.

Anyway, back in the room. It’s time to launch into Autumn with these cool London date ideas that will definitely give you some brownie points!

The “Nice BUNS” Date

Burgers are an awesome date food. Casual, yet…. Classy? Does “classy” work? Anyway, in the tradition of having a national day for literally EVERYTHING, National Burger Day is invading London for the 6th day in a row on Thursday. 17 burger joints battling it out in one place – if that doesn’t spell romance then I don’t know what does!

The “SPICE up your life” Date

The Spice Girls are back. For those of us who grew up in the nineties get the whole euphoria behind it all – and for those that didn’t – just go with it. So, the Spice World movie had that iconic vintage double-decker bus in it…. Why not impress your other half with a couple of tickets around London this weekend?

The “OFF the WALL” Date

Another musical-themed date idea. The Michael Jackson “On the Wall” exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery is on at the moment…. YET, Wednesday the 29th is Michael’s birthday – so it’s a great chance to pat homage to the “King of Pop”. Expect DJ sets and other cool activities.

The “DIARY” Date¬†

It’s almost 4 years since I launched Diary Days in London. It’s now become one of London’s biggest cult events. Grab tickets for you and your significant other and find out why it’s such a unique night out.

The “You’re My DUMPLING” Date

Food festivals are a great date idea. Being able to wander around without feeling the awkwardness of being glued to one spot helps keep the date flowing. There is a Chinese Food Festival in London this weekend – we suggest you ditch the drinks and a movie idea and go here!