5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 31/8-5/9 2021

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 31/8-5/9 2021

Fresh from a 3-day weekend, the thought of going on a hot date this week may or may not be exciting as you squeeze 5 days worth of work into 4. Anyway, you only live once – so here are 5 cool London Date ideas this week to get those creative juices flowing.

The “I’m OPEN For Anything” Date

Exploring new places is always a great date idea, especially when said places are normally closed to the public. Open House London is back this weekend for you to get an insight scoop into various cool spaces around the city. Choose wisely, as it’ll be another year before you’re able to take advantage of Open House London again.

The “2 Peas in a POD” Date

Podcasts have been around for a while now, so it’s no shock that there’s a London Podcast Festival…… In its 6th year. There are live events happening at King’s Place that are ticketed. Great date idea for those couples who’d prefer to have headphones on than listen to their other half.

The “FOOLS Rush In” Date

We’ve missed random London pop-ups. Who knew that an Only Fools and Horses pop-up pub was something we needed in our lives…. But someone clearly did. If you (or your date) are a fan of the cult English sitcom then nothing will excite you more than having a pint for just 83p at The Nag’s Head! It’s only on this Friday and Saturday, so grab tickets whilst you can.

The “Let’s Take a BREAK” Date

We need to blow our own trumpet here. If you’re LOOKING for a date we have a cool new event happening on Thursday called Breaking Bad Dates. Live DJ, hazmat suits you can pimp up, cool ice-breakers…. It’s a dating event for anyone who wants to do something different. Tickets are nearly goooooone,

The “Letting My GARDen Down” Date

Discovering quaint green spaces in London is a good thing. Take your date to Gaia’s Garden, a cool sustainable space near St Paul’s that is the brainchild of 5 female creatives from various backgrounds including music, graphic design, fashion, movement and photography. Gaia’s Garden is hosting a number of cool workshops that you and your date can get involved in – they are ticketed, so best to plan a little bit.

Until next week!