5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 6/6-12/6

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 6/6-12/6

Post bank-holiday blues? Feel like you just want to stay home and do nothing? DON’T! We have 5 really cool London date ideas to pick you (and your date) up off the canvas! Here are our 5 cool London date ideas this week!

The “COURT in the Act” Date

Even if you’re only slightly out of London it feel like an absolute world away. The Hampton Court Palace Festival kicks off next week with some great acts including UB40, McFly and Crowded House. Probably one for the couples out there – unless you want to be incredibly bold on a first date (“nothing ventured” and all that).

The “SPIRITually Aligned” Date

There’s more to gin than just pouring it into a glass with tonic. With over 60 distillers showcasing their wares for you to sample, Junipalooza is back into its 9th year! You and your date can sample many a gin with your very own sample glass this Saturday or Sunday as you get to know each other doing something a little different. It’s happening at Tobacco Dock with tickets starting at £28.

The “Please Don’t LEAF Me” Date

For the plant-based enthusiasts and those alike. you’ll be happy to know that the Portobello Vegan Night Market is happening on Friday night in West London. Great for a first date without any pressure where you can amble around grabbing a bite to eat.

The “So DOPE” Date

Dopamine Land feels like it’s been kicking around forever. Wellllll, this weekend is your last chance to check it out before it disappears. Grab your date and head to South Kensington and enjoy the popcorn room….. Or have a pillow fight? Yep, very random, but great fun – and it lasts about 50 minutes per session so you’ll be able to grab drinks afterwards….. Or even before and make that pillow fight even more interesting.

The “TEEse Me, Baby” Date

Looking for a date? Well!

We’ve had tickets open up for Singles Crazy Golf in Shoreditch on Wednesday after a couple of last-minute cancellations (the joys). Snap them up, hang out with us, stop swiping…. and do something fun! This may be the last one before summer….. You have been warned!

Until next week!