5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 9/8-15/8 2021

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Week 9/8-15/8 2021

London is starting to get its mojo back, so there is no excuse to just “go for a drink”. Lucky we’re here to help you think outside the box in order for you to show your date a hell of a good time! So, here are 5 cool London date ideas this week to get those creative juices flowing….

The “AcouSTICK Together” Date

“Let’s meet for a drink after work”…. Probably the most common school night date idea in the history of date ideas. Well, if that’s the vibe you’re feeling, why not do it with some live music going on. St Martin in the Fields has a cool set-up happening with deck chairs, bars and live music on stage Thursday and Friday nights…. FOR FREE.

The “Salad DRESSING Up For the Occasion” Date

One for the more plant-based among us. To celebrate 5 amazing years vegan burger joint, The Vurger Co is giving away free fries and a drink for the first 50 orders on Monday at their Shoreditch restaurant. There is a chance to win some other cool freebies too, so take your date and spice up that vegan meal of yours!

The “A Little Extra PADDINGton” Date

Funky outdoor acoustic music set-up must have been mentioned at some council briefing as Paddington has jumped on the bandwagon too. Every Thursday lunchtime at either Paddington central or Merchant Square you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy FREE LIVE GIGS. Great if you and your date are working from home and can bunk off for a couple of hours.

The “Struck by CUBITT’S Arrow” Date

More free gigs! This time it’s all about Kings Cross as the Cubitt’s Sessions Music Festival kicks off on Wednesday. There’s a full, action-packed program as it’s running until the 22nd at the picturesque Coal Drops Yard.

The “Date in the DIARY” Date

Hey, if you can’t blow your own trumpet what’s the point, right? Diary Days is back in Shoreditch for the first time in 22 months on Wednesday! Grab your date and bring something fun to read whether it’s a diary, love letter, poem, MySpace/Facebook status update and anything else you may want share. We can’t wait for one of our favourite events that is filled with heart and soul!

Until next week!