5 Cool London Date Ideas This Weekend – 1/11 – 3/11

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Weekend – 1/11 – 3/11

OK,  it may be cold outside and so tempting to hibernate for the next 6 months. BUT… This time of year always throws out both fireworks and Halloween all in the same period to give us a plethora of choices of things worth leaving the house over…..


The “Hard to FOLKus” Date

I can’t recommend live music enough for a date idea. Folk music is loved my some… Not by all, BUT a folk music festival in Walthamstow is happening to make it a bit more of an event than just a gig. It’s happening on Saturday with tickets still available.


The “Playing the GAME” Date

A date that encourages you to put your phones down and grab something to entertain yourselves offline. Crazy, I know. The London Gaming Market is there for you to rummage through and find everything from vintage console games to old school boardgames that will essentially entertain you for hours…… It’s happening Sunday in Russell Square.


The “There Were FIREWORKS” Date

It’s that time of year….. Remember Remember? OK, there are soooooooo many different fireworks shows to choose from that you can basically throw a stone and hit 7 shows going on at once. BUT, if you’re going to brave the cold – I always recommend going to Alexandra Palace to take in the view, which always makes for a great date – fireworks or not.


The “In the BUFF” Date

Halloween seems to be spreading itself over more and more days every year and this year is no different! Happening on Friday, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the series, not the awesome movie starring Kristy Swanson and Luke Perry) night is happening at The Ritzy cinema in Brixton. Tickets are just £8, so pretty decent value in this day and age!


The “NACHO Average” Date

If you do fancy doing something a bit different for Halloween, well a Day of the Dead Festival Camden is happening all weekend until Sunday at Camden Market. Expect amazing costumes, street food, live music and all things Mexico-inspired at what is a great, hands-on date idea.

Have an amazing weekend!