5 Cool London Date Ideas This Weekend 13/9-15/9

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Weekend 13/9-15/9

Spring has sprung! It’s time to take advantage and give the nice weather the last hurrah that it deserves! This week’s London date ideas are cooler Marvin Gaye drinking Scotch on the rocks.


The “Just a PECK” Date

We are fans of Peckham here in the “Smudged Basement”. It’s probably the perfect weekend to head down there and take your date to the Peckham Festival. Expect lots of quirky food options and creative activities to make for a cool first date!


The “Gets My MOATor Running” Date

Touristy places in London aren’t exactly riveting for a date, let’s be honest. BUT, this weekend is different…… Behold the Tower of London Food Festival! Yep, the moat transforms into a culinary hive of activity. Expect great artisan food and drink options plus live music.


The “BERM, Baby BERM” Date

Street festivals…. Hit and miss, right? Good ones are great date ideas and the Bermondsey Street Festival happening Saturday is one of the good ones. Expect the usual stuff in terms of quirky stalls, street food and live music – it’s not a place to spend hours and hours, but a cool date idea to start your date with.


The “The WINE Not Have a Glass?” Date

Wine is always a great idea for a date (certain dates need a hell of a lot of wine). Carboot sales…. Not as popular when a date idea comes to mind. BUT, if you combine the 2 – you have something a little more quirky and interesting. The Wine Carboot is happening on Saturday in The city.


The “YEAST of My Worries” Date

If wine ain’t yo’ thing – beer is also an option this weekend. The London Brewers Association Beer Festival is happening on Saturday at Fuller’s in Chiswick. It will be definitely worth the trip and make the trip back together a hell of a lot more interesting after tasting various craft beers in the sun all day.

Have an amazing weekend!