5 Cool London Date Ideas This Weekend 20/9 – 22/9

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Weekend 20/9 – 22/9

Be bold! Ditch the “ummmmmmm, let’s go for a drink” thing and do something different! Here are this week’s 5 cool London date ideas to help get those creative juices flowing!


End of the Line Graffiti Festival


The “I’m OPEN To Anything” Date

Open House London is awesome. Fact. For 2 days a lot of London’s private/inaccessible buildings and gardens open themselves up to the city so that everybody can enjoy them. There are lots of different spaces to choose from – something to suit anything from a first to fiftieth date.


The “New BLACK” Date

Celebrating foods that are black in colour seems strange, right? It’s not just me, right? Good. So, there is an actual Black Food Festival happening all day Sunday in East London that has tons of black food – some natural, some artificial. Either way it definitely makes for an interesting date.


The “Is That a RYE Smile?” Date

It seems as though Peckham is pumping out more festivals than humanly possible at the moment. Anyway, the Rye Links Festival is happening on Saturday with a great mix of artists, live music, food and just general good vibes. It could be the last nice outdoor date for a while (touch wood).


The “a-MAZE-ing” Date

Clapham Common, a hive of activity in the summer and host to the quirky Colourscape Festival. Expect lots of alternative live music and a colourful labyrinth as you do. It closes at 1pm both days, so good for a brunch time type date but without the brunch.


The “CAN I See You Again?” Date

The End of the Line Graffiti Festival is happening this weekend! Something a little different that makes for a great date idea. There’s lots of cool art on display (obviously) in addition to live music, food and just a great atmosphere to see out the summer. It’s happening at the Nomadic Gardens in Hackney Saturday and Sunday.

Have an amazing weekend!