5 Cool London Date Ideas This Weekend 24/5-27/5

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Weekend 24/5 – 27/5

It’s bank holiday weekend! Sure, a lot of people are taking advantage of the weather and hauling arse out of London. But, for those of us lucky enough to be here AND have a date – there are a lot of cool things to do.


The “DEPOP Culture” Date

Depop are bringing their funky online marketplace offline…… To a marketplace. In Hackney. Market dates are great – wandering around, street food, everything being very hands-on so that there’s no awkwardness. It’s happening all bank holiday weekend!


The “ORANGE You Glad to See Me?” Date

An Aperol Spritz isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, sure. BUT – it is summer (sort of) and there is nothing better than having an ice-cold Aperol Spritz on a hot day. So, with that in mind there is an Aperol pop-up happening this weekend which would make for a perfect summer date.


The “MADrid About You” Date

Get excited about all things Spanish this weekend as the Feria de Londres kicks off on Friday! Food, dance, art, culture – there is a lot of cool stuff to sink your teeth into on a date. It’s all happening on The Thames right next to the Oxo Tower.


The “INKredible” Date

You may or may not be a tattoo fan. That’s ok – you can still marvel at all the creativity bursting out of The Great British Tattoo Festival happening at Ally Pally over the bank holiday weekend!


The “In a SPIN” Date

I’m a fan of trawling through record shops….. And nothing tells you more about somebody than their music choices. The Peckham Record Fair is happening on Sunday, so why not get to know somebody better by rifling through piles of vinyl discussing music!

Until next week!