5 Cool London Date Ideas This Weekend 4/10 – 6/10 2019

5 Cool London Date Ideas This Weekend 4/10 – 6/10 2019

This week’s date ideas are here! So, ditch the boring “let’s go for a coffee” thing, be bold and do something fun!



The “Hold Me – It’s FRIEZE-ing” Date

I actually broke up with somebody once at The Frieze Art Fair.
OK, not a good start…. But don’t let that put you off as it really is a great date idea. You don’t have to be an art conneseur to appreciate all of the incredible art on display. It finishes Sunday at Regent’s, so you have a choice of which day works best!


The “It Just FIZZED Out” Date

London Cocktail Week! (That lasts 10 days). Everyone’s favourite (lazy person’s) go-to date idea is back! Happening at various locations around London with the hub being based out of Brick Lane. Organise some passes and go crazy (within moderation) by trying as many creative cocktails as you can!


The “He Was a FUN-GI To Be With” Date

So, mushrooms may divide opinion in certain relationships (not the “magic” kind…. Although…..). This is something for ‘shroom enthusiasts (again, trying not to sound dodgy) as Fungi Fest touches down in Hoxton Docks this weekend. There are workshops, talks and a market as part of the event!


The “Give Them the FLICK” Date

The London Film Festival is back! Whilst I’m not a huge advocate of the whole “movie date” – film festivals are good. Find a cool movie that won’t be released for a month or 2 with a cool Q&A at the end and it becomes a little more interesting. It’s happening across various venues in London.


The “WÜRST Date Ever” Date

There are various Oktoberfest pop-ups happening around this time of year. Oktoberfest Camden is decent one happening at the Electric Ballroom where live music isn’t just some guy with a tuba. It’s happening Saturday with tickets from a tenner!

Have an amazing weekend!