5 Cool London Date Ideas This Weekend 6/9 – 8/9

Summer may officially be over…… But that doesn’t mean the cool things in London are coming to a close and your creativity needs to take a battering!

This week’s London date ideas are cooler than Robert Downey Junior smoking a pack of Marlboro Reds sitting on a Cadillac bonnet…….. Think about it.


The “We Need a BRAKE” Date

Vintage cars? Good date idea, right? The very interesting and Instagrammable Classic and Vintage Car Show in Capel Manor Gardens is happening on Sunday. It’s slightly out of the way, but definitely worth the effort with live music and other entertaining stuff happening to make a day of it.


The “On the Same THREAD” Date

Nothing tells you more about somebody than their fashion choices. Test your compatibility by rummaging around racks of vintage clothes at the infamous Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair…… In Holborn. It’s happening Sunday and a fiver to get in – and worst case scenario you end up with some cool threads.


The “Can’t Quite HACK It” Date

It feels as though there’s a different carnival happening every weekend in London. This weekend is no different as it’s Hackney’s turn to put on a show. A great date idea with lots of yummy street food, cool live music and floats happening on the canal. It’s happening Sunday all over Hackney.

The “STRIPped Bare” Date

For fans of all things comic-based, this is the place to be! Drag your date along to the Hackney Comic and Zine Fair this Sunday for something a little different. Over 40 writers, artists and publishers will be on hand to talk shop and give an insight into all things comic.


The “Do You MIND?” Date

Take your date to London’s first completely mindful market is happening in Mile End this weekend! Expect lots of yummy vegan food, sustainable clothing, homewares and lots of other stuff as over 60 vendors are on hand to make it a great day out. Curated by the Vegans of London, it’s happening on Saturday only!