5 Great Reasons to Attend an Event on Your Own

5 Great Reasons to Attend an Event On Your Own

From the moment you press the “buy” button on the ticket page to the time you actually leave the event – attending an event on your own takes some serious guts.

After seeing so many incredibly nervous guests come to our events on their own…… And then leave with a bunch of new friends, I thought it would be a great idea to get their advice on some great reasons to attend an event on your own.

ONE. It Completely Gets You Out Of Your Comfort Zone (Dennis, Dirty Scrabble) 

“I’d never been to a dating event before but one of my goals for 2017 was to completely get out of my comfort zone. I was a bit nervous when I first turned up because I didn’t know anybody, but once the event started (and after a drink) I was so glad I took the plunge. I met some great people – which I definitely wouldn’t have had I not forced myself to get out of my comfort zone”.

TWO. It Forces You to Meet People (Jane, Jenga Dating)

“One of my girlfriends ditched me last-minute so I wasn’t going to go, but figured I’d paid for it…. So, why not? By going on my own it forced me to interact with people. Jordi bans all phones at the events, which I think is great, so I had no friend, no phone – no crutch. I’m not the most confident person, but after a drink or 2 I completely forgot I came on my own”.

THREE. You Have Nothing to Lose (Anita, London Spelling Bee)

“None of my friends wanted to come with me to the London Spelling Bee, so I  just decided to go on my own. I had no idea what to expect, but for £5 I figured I had nothing to lose. The thing with the Spelling Bee is that it gets pretty rowdy and competitive, so after a while everybody is cheering for each other and supporting each other. I’m glad I went and will be dragging my friends with me next time”.

FOUR. I Prefer Going On My Own (Dan, Singles Life Drawing)

“My mates said they wouldn’t be caught dead at a dating event which works for me. I’d only be more nervous if I knew they were in the room too. By going on my own I’m able to completely be myself and not have the piss taken out of by my mates. Plus, it was so much better than I expected. I’ve been to 3 Smudged Lipstick events so far and had an awesome time at all of them”.

FIVE. It Builds Confidence (Sandra, Diary Days)

“One of my goals last year was to improve my public speaking skills. Standing on a stage and reading out my most personal thoughts in front of 100 strangers sounded like a good way to do it. Diary Days is my favourite event in London as it’s so funny and such a great community. The amount of confidence I have now compared to before I read for the first time is incredible – I can’t recommend it enough!’