5 Reasons to Ditch the Drinks and Dinner Date

5 Reasons to Ditch the Drinks and Dinner Date

Matchmaker Lydia Davis from industry leaders Mutual Attraction throws in her 2 cents as to why you need to think outside the box and ditch the whole drinks and dinner date thing.

1. No Awkward Silences!

Have you ever panicked about what to say to someone on a date? Even if it’s going well, you sense an awkward silence and your mind goes BLANK……aaaahhhhhh and panicking just makes it worse. Well, if you’re doing something fun together there’s always a natural distraction which take the pressure off. The conversation should flow naturally and if there are some silences they can be masked by what you’re doing!

2. There’s a Natural Ending

Hands up if you’ve ever got a little more drunk that you should have on with your date? Yup, we’ve all been there and sometimes it’s great but sometimes you’re just too polite to say you need to go because people assume it means that you’re not having a good time (which isn’t true). Having an activity means there’s a natural end point, of course you can carry on but if you don’t want to because you’ve got other things to do then it’s a great way have fun and leave (hopefully) on a natural high.

 3. It’s More Successful

According to Aziz Ansari who wrote “Modern Romance” (which is a fantastic book) couples bond quicker if they’re doing as activity together. That’s reason enough to get our there and try something fun together. There are so many things you can do like mini golf, visiting an art gallery, play board games, experimental dining, cycle around a park, go for a walk, try out Bogan Bingo, go to a gig……the list goes on and on.

 4. You’ll Be More Open

Stepping away from drinks and dinner will mean you’ll have to find something that one of you finds interesting. It’s a great way to see what the other person enjoys or what they do for fun. You may only want to try something once the other person has suggested but it shows you’re willing to invest time in what the other person enjoys and vice versa. This is going to help you get to know the person better and whether you’re both wanting to carry on seeing spending time with each other.


 5. Pressure. What Pressure?

Hands up if you’ve had an awkward silence on a date before?? And was it when you were sat opposite each other with a drink in hand…..I thought so. Sometimes doing something fun and different takes the pressure off sitting opposite each other and feeling like it’s a formal interview. Nerves may get the better of most people so stepping away from drinks and dinner can be a fun way to make it a less nerve-wracking experience. 

Lydia Davis.

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