5 Reasons Why Negative Reviews Are Actually a Positive

5 Reasons Why Negative Reviews Are Actually a Positive

You couldn’t help but leave on a high after an electric night at the last Diary Days where we had over 100 people (not to mention the countless people without tickets trying to barge their way through) jammed into The Book Club in Shoreditch. But…. Not everyone left on a high. For the first time in 3 years we received a negative review about Diary Days. Yep… 2, actually.

“They couldn’t have been at the same place, because Diary Days was AMAZING, positive, funny and everything you can ever want out of an event!” I thought to myself.

But, I don’t see them as a negative – I see them as a positive…. And here are my 5 reasons why negative reviews are actually a positive.


1. You Can’t Please Everybody

Isn’t that the saying? That one that tells us to appreciate the fact that everybody’s different and entitled to their own opinion, right?

If more of us really took this onboard and realised that what you do or offer isn’t everybody’s “cup of tea” there’d be a lot less stress in our lives and worrying about what other people think.


2. Negative Reviews Add Authenticity To Your Brand

If we only ever had glowing, 5 star reviews then people would be a little bit worried that we’re full of sh*t. The fact that there are some average ones amongst all of the good ones shows that we are being completely open and honest and have nothing to hide. And, if you’re only getting bad reviews then you should probably think about making some changes.


3. You Learn So Much More From Negative Reviews

Some of the best advice I’ve received has been from the negative reviews. Yep, I’ve learnt so much more from somebody telling me all of the things they didn’t like and might need to change rather than someone telling me they wouldn’t change a thing. In fact, some of the tweaks I’ve made to some of our most successful events have been because of negative reviews.

4. It Brings You Back Down To Earth

It’s always easy when things are running incredibly well. When a negative review pops up it always brings me back down to Earth and shows me that there is still work to be done and that I can’t be planning for retirement just yet.


5. It Makes the Positive Reviews All the More Appreciated

When people invest their precious time into saying something negative – it makes me appreciate all of the people who have taken the time out to write nice things about us even more. As a startup we’re bound to get some things wrong, but having so many nice things written, said and “emojied” all over the internet really keeps our spirits up.

So, thanks so much to all of you that have taken the time out to leave a review….. Negative or positive – either way we’re definitely getting something out of it.