5 Reasons We Need To Make More Phone Calls

5 Reasons We Need To Make More Phone Calls

The phone….. Oh, how it’s evolved over the years! From literally having just one function to now being able to…… well……. do pretty much everything.

So, now that we can use it to do pretty-much everything – heaven forbid we actually use it to make phone calls. With the art of the phone conversation dying a slow and painful death, I thought I would look at 5 reasons we need to make more phone calls to improve our communication skills.

ONE: You Learn a Lot About Somebody From Their Phone Etiquette 

Sure, you can pretty much say that you learn something via every form of communication. BUT, the way somebody carries a conversation on the phone gives you such a great insight into how they converse in real life compared to texting. Anybody can send an emoji or “LOL”, but no matter good their text banter is – it’ll never be a substitute for a real life conversation.

TWO: It Shows Commitment

A phone call shows real commitment. It’s not just a token text saying “hey” on a Sunday night whilst watching Netflix – it shows intent. Even if it’s for 5 minutes, at least you know somebody has committed to you, and only you…..

THREE: Options

We have options now whether we want it to be a video chat or just a regular run-of-the-mill audio chat. A video chat will obviously show a lot more confidence, but even still, an audio chat at least gives you the option to gauge whether somebody is willing to have a conversation with you other than just texting.

FOUR: It Saves Time In the Long Run

Especially before meeting up with somebody for the first time. If there is no flow in the conversation and it’s like trying to draw blood from a stone – at least you know that before trekking to the other side of London for an overpriced cocktail at some wanky bar on a Tuesday night.

Five: Do it for YOU!

Because we’re clearly making less and less phone calls, it’s clearly a skillset that’s going to suffer. Don’t let it die a slow and painful death by making a conscious effort to make more phone calls when the opportunity arrives. Sure, sometimes you just won’t have the time, or it could-well be the last thing you feel like doing – bite the bullet and make the call! If nothing else, at least you’ll be better for it….