8 New Years resolutions we’re making for dating in 2018!

At our dating events, we get to meet the coolest bunch of people and one of the most common things we hear is just how fed up we all are with online and app-based dating. Here at Smudged HQ, as you very well know, we’re all about how we can bring offline communication back to life. So here’s 8 New Years resolutions we’re making to get excited about our dating lives again – join us!

Get out and about…

Yes it’s as simple as that! Go for a walk in the park, choose to sit down in your local coffee shop and enjoy your coffee instead of having it on the fly. Chat with the barista and the locals. There’s so much quality interaction to be found in just a few moments of connecting with someone you’ve never spoken to before. Who knows where it may take you?!

Speak to people…

Well this is pretty self-explanatory really! Instead of choosing to text your next date, pick up the phone and have a conversation with them instead. You can find so much out about someone just by listening carefully to what they say and it’s a great way of testing the chemistry pre-date too!

Say yes more…

Be the person that says yes to the quirky event your friend might be going to, or your sister’s, best friend’s, cousin’s party! Expand your social circles as far as they can possibly go and who knows who you could end up meeting next!

Let your friends know of your dating plans…

Let your friends and family know of your intention that you’re ready to date. Sometimes they may know the most interesting person to set you up with!

Get a life – be interesting…

One of the things that makes us most interesting on a date, are the things that we do when we’re off the date. So expand your horizons by learning a new skill, taking up a new hobby and not only will you have points of interest to talk about at your next date but you’re likely to open up to a whole new bunch of people to meet with similar interests too – double bonus!

Think outside the box – different is good…

Sometimes we may choose to stick to “our type” and sometimes it’s good to think outside the box just a little and be surprised by the people that pique our interest when we’re just a little less focused on type and more focused on them as a person.

Be clear about what you want

Now being less focused on type and more focused on the type of relationship you want is a better place to focus your energy. If you know you’re ready for something serious, instead of casual, then just openly let that person know. The worst they can say is “that’s not what I want”. Great! That just saved us a lot of time to go out and meet some who does!

Go to IRL events

We may be slightly biased here, but go to some IRL dating events. London has LOADS to offer and it’s a great way to warm yourself up and hone your skills to meeting new people in your everyday life too!

Happy dating folks, here’s to an awesome 2018!