8 Outdoor Things To Do in London That Aren’t Beer Gardens or Rooftop Bars!

8 Outdoor Things To Do in London That Aren’t Beer Gardens or Rooftop Bars!

After being locked inside for the best part of 13 months, there has never been more of an urge to go outside as much as possible and take on whatever life throws at us! Whilst it has been a while since we’ve been allowed to go to a pub for a pint (the recent mad rush to book a table is proof of that) there are still some amazing outdoor things to do in London that aren’t beer gardens or rooftop bars!

ONE: Plonk Golf!

Let that competitive side of yours break free! Plonk Golf has 4 courses across London to cure the boredom whilst hustling your group of 6 for various rounds of drinks to make up for lost time.

TWO: Flight Club Darts

Opening 15/4 Flight Club is opening its doors in Victoria! It may be slightly windy up there, so make sure you take that into consideration before your dart ends up in someone’s pint!

THREE: Southbank Food Market (from 30/4)

Whether it’s the waft of BBQ or sinking your teeth into a freshly baked cake, there’s something about food from a market stall that totally does it for us. Southbank Food Market is back from late April if you’re looking for something to do whilst on a day out along Southbank.

FOUR: Drive-In Movie

Cinemas may not be open yet, but the next best thing is heading north of the city to a drive-in….. Whether you have a car or not! Tickets start from 19.99 per car, so grow that bubble and start cramming people in (socially distanced of course).

FIVE: Rooftop Film Club!

OK, so the Rooftop Film Club may not be back on an actual rooftop just yet, buuuuuuuuut they are also running a number of drive-ins that have popped up across London in the meantime – including Alexandra Palace!

SIX: London Shuffle Club

The London Shuffle Club is back in business! Roll up your sleeves and get to Shoreditch where you can book a lane or a table for a great night out for couples or groups of six!

SEVEN: Tropical Bottomless Brunch

Cottons is well-known in London for its classic Caribbean menu and tasty cocktails – you can now add Tropical Bottomless Brunch to the list of reasons to go. It’s only happening in Vauxhall in April, but look out for others from May!

EIGHT: Vauxhall Comedy Club

Virtual comedy gigs just aren’t the same! The Vauxhall Comedy Club is back to cure those live comedy cravings in London! Tickets do get snapped up pretty quickly though, so get in early!