Hi, you incredibly intelligent, witty, sexy beast wanting to know more about Smudged Lipstick. It’s a feel-good story that I take a lot of pride in writing.

We’re not communicating face to face with each other as much as we used to and simple skills like eye contact, tone of voice, body language and even spelling and grammar are suffering. More and more of us are finding ourselves glued to our phones and tablets whilst sending emojis and “LOLing” to things that aren’t even funny. I was over it! Things needed to change!

I got to the point in my life where I could have lived in a state of stability forever…. But it’s just not me. So without a lot of money saved, I decided to roll the dice, leave my (incredibly stable) PR career and created “Smudged Lipstick” to make a difference and give people the chance to communicate with each other by doing something FUN! We are now an award-winning brand continuing to grow across the UK.

So, what do we do?

We do random, quirky events for everybody. Firstly, our alternative dating events focus on having fun first and meeting someone second. We figure that when you’re having fun you’re more relaxed and the real person comes out – as opposed to being shoved in front of some random with a name tag for 3 minutes whilst the two of you try to reel off your life stories. Our alternative dating events are great for anyone who either hates dating events or has never done one before and isn’t sure whether they’d like it or not. So, we don’t focus on telling you you’ll meet “the one” – we focus on you meeting cool, like-minded people. That’s it.

Our other events such as Color Me Badd Dates (yep, after the AWESOME 90’s band) is an open mic night for bad dating stories! Aaaaand everybody seems to have plenty of those attracting over one hundred people per event. Whilst the ever-popular ‘Diary Days” where people read their old diaries, poems, love letters and anything else from their youth in front of a cool crowd is one of London’s funniest cult nights out…. Again, tickets sell out really quickly (honestly) with over one hundred people at each event.

It’s all very simple – our goal is to give you an unforgettable experience, so our events are really quirky and full of personality! Each one focuses on people having a good time via communicating in some way, shape or form. We’re incredibly unique only using venues that have character and atmosphere and do things that are going to be memorable. So, scroll around to see what tickles your fancy….. We like to think there’s pretty much something for everyone.