Alternative Dating Events in London

Well done on arriving at the first ever Smudged Lipstick weekly blog post. You’ve made it.

I wanted the first post to be something about alternative dating events in London because a) They’re something we’ll be running a lot of. b) I wanted you to know why I wanted to start running them and c) Why they’re going to be so important to the dating industry as we know it.

Let’s focus on b) to start with…..

Dating events these days suck arse. Seriously….. The thought of being labeled as a desperate single with a name tag at a wanky cocktail party at some “members only” club in Kensington is enough to make me gag. The alternative is a speed dating event where I’m jammed into a bar to meet 20 single ladies for 3 minutes each whilst I try and get my life story out also makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a disposable chopstick.

Enough is enough.

I wanted to create something that made people feel comfortable enough to be themselves and completely took the focus away from being single.

After the first few I realised that the majority of people coming to the events had never done a dating event before and absolutely loved it. Even if they didn’t meet somebody they’d like to see again they had such a good time that they didn’t feel like the night was wasted. Mission accomplished, right? Well, sort of.

We’ll move onto c) whilst you’re still with me on this one. So, stay with me…. Please.

The alternative dating events are important because we need to laugh and have fun with people again. Now we too often “going for drinks” or “a coffee” without actually doing something that’s going to open up the “real” us. Or worse – just sitting on the sofa in our pants swiping away.

What happened to walking into the room and having the air sucked out of our lungs because someone just caught our attention instantly and when they smiled we just got that rush and had to go over and talk to them?

I want that. For everybody.

It’s important that we don’t lose this part of our culture and that we don’t learn everything about somebody via a profile page – but by them telling us their passions and interests in person for the first time.

I want that. For everybody.

So, with the dating industry so focused on being digital I think it’s integral that we stand up to it. Become innovative and take a leap of faith by doing something different like an alternative dating event.

So, why not try something different?….. It sure beats sitting on the sofa sitting your pants swiping away?