We are the Best Dating Events Brand in the UK

Best Dating Events Brand UK

It’s official, Smudged Lipstick is the BEST dating events brand UK. Seriously – it’s an actual award. I can proudly say that Smudged Lipstick is an “award-winning” brand. High-fives and fist bumps all round.

At the recent UK Dating Awards we were judged to be even better than companies with more money, more experience and more man power. But, 6 months ago we didn’t even exist. Nor are we solely a DATING events brand. So, why did we win?

I’m incredibly passionate about how communicating face to face is a skill that is falling by the wayside. It might sound cheesy, but I woke up one day and said “somebody needs to do something about it…. Wait….. I’m somebody.” So, with whatever money I’d saved, I decided to take a leap of faith. I quit my incredibly stable job to start a brand that encourages people to get offline and improve their communication skills. Come on, there’s no point being amazing at texting if you can’t even look someone in the eye and hold a conversation.


Being Different

Speed dating is the “Commodore 64” of dating events. “Mixers” are even worse. I wanted people to have EXPERIENCES, not just jam people together with name tags and expect them to get along. The world was screaming out for something else and not every person who is single feels like they need to find “the one” as soon as possible.

I wanted people to not have “LOVE” shoved in their face or a fear of being alone. A lot of us are single because we choose to be, not because we’re in the “damaged goods” pile.

Our events are different, quirky, cool, random, interesting, educational and just down right FUN.

So, next year is going to be even bigger as we look to expand across the UK….. Plus we have a title to defend, so watch this space.