We Have the Best Dating Events in Clapham!

It’s official – we have the best dating events in Clapham!

Clapham….. Well, south London in general has been craving for good dating events since the dawn of time. Speed dating is basically the “Commodore 64” of dating events and Londoners are over it. It’s boring, monotonous and we’d all rather stab ourselves in the eye with a fork than have to listen to someone mumble through their life story again. So, we’ve launched some of London’s most popular dating events in some of Clapham’s top venues to give everyone a chance to do something fun! It’s time to turn off that phone and have an actual conversation with a real person whilst doing something a little different.

We’re not shoving the whole “meet the one” or “love is just around the corner” stuff down your throat – that’s not our bag. Just do something cool in Clapham that you wouldn’t normally do!


The Clapham North

We only work with the BEST venues in Clapham,  so we’re super excited to welcome a brand new partner to the Smudged family, The Clapham North pub (in Clapham North…. Crazy, huh?). Our first event at The Clapham North will be Dirty Scrabble held on July 13th with tickets from just £11 each and will definitely sell out. We’ll be using their funky private Tree House bar upstairs where e have the whole place to ourselves so we can be as crazy and rowdy as we’d like.

The Northcote Pub – Battersea

As well as The Clapham North, we also work with The Northcote in Battersea. Ok, so technically The Northcote isn’t in Clapham itself, but it’s so close to Clapham Junction station that we we’re going to add it to the Clapham family. Being a real institution in south London we’re very humbled to be able to work with a venue that has such a great history and reputation. Again, we have the beautiful private bar upstairs where we’ll have the whole place to ourselves. The next event is Jenga Dating on May 23rd, though we’ll have plenty of events there throughout the year.


We can’t wait to see you down at one of our cool dating events in Clapham soon!