6 Body Language Tips For a First Date in London

6 Body Language Tips For a First Date in London

It’s happening. You’ve texted your way to a first date. Bravo (or brava to all the single ladies….. All the single ladies). But, no matter how confident you are via text, portraying that same confidence in person is a completely different monster! Your actions speak louder than words and we at Smudged Lipstick want you to  to keep that in mind for when you’re wooing someone on a first date in London.

So, listen to “Eye of the Tiger” and strap yourself in……. Here are 6 body language tips for a first date in London.


ONE: Don’t Fidget!

Fidgeting is so easy to do. Most of the time you probably have no idea you’re doing it. Constantly touching the cutlery, tearing up a serviette, biting a straw – the list goes on. It’s very distracting for the other person and completely shifts their concentration from the conversation to your busy hands. Always be conscious of what your hands are doing, a great way of doing this is by following your date’s gaze. If they are looking at what your hands are doing as opposed to your face, you’re definitely fidgeting too much.


TWO: Open Your Arms

Keeping your arms open shows that you are open to everything from conversations to something physical. Your date will subconsciously find this a lot more inviting to open up to you more in return. Londoners can be a lot more closed off compared to someone from the country for example, so we’re a lot more inclined to close ourselves off by folding or crossing our arms. Keep that at the front of your mind when speaking to your date.


THREE: Lean Your Head In

Weird? Sure, you might think so. But, leaning your head in when your date’s speaking shows that you’re listening WITH INTENT. That’s the difference. It shows that you actually want to hear what they have to say and you’re not just picking up key words. Be careful not to do it at too much of an angle as you will portray more of a look of confusion or perplexity.


FOUR: Personal Space

It’s a big thing on a first date, so keep a healthy distance when having a conversation. Being Londoners we have a smaller personal space to work with (anyone who catches the Central Line in the morning can attest to that), but even so we need to keep our distance. There’s nothing worse than someone spitting at you just centimetres away from your face – chances of date number 2 after that are slim!


FIVE: Don’t Be Too Touchy Feely

Over doing the the touching on a first date can be intrusive. Sure it might be nice to hold someone’s hand at the end to show affection after a great dinner and conversation, but constantly trying to touch your date at inappropriate times will end up being a big red flag. You need to read the situation and do it when the time is right, not just do the whole “yawn-arm-around-shoulder” trick 20 minutes in. It’s just a massive turnoff.


SIX: Checking the Time/Your Phone

OK, not strictly “body language” but it shows that you are preoccupied with something more important. The person will then feel second best and the focus of the date will shift from something relaxed to something more intense and rushed. Keep your phone in your jacket pocket or handbag and let the person feel like they have the undivided attention they deserve!

STOP! Thanks for reading as always! Feel like someone could use some of these tips on a first date in London (or anywhere for that matter)? Then please share the post on Facebook or Twitter. Jordi.