Connect 4 Speed Dating

Connect 4 Speed Dating London

Normal speed dating is so boring… And awkward…. And monotonous. Anyway, you get the picture…. Connect 4 Speed Dating is anything but those things!

How it works:

Let’s be honest, you probably haven’t played Connect 4 for about 20 odd years. Go back to your childhood days and play Connect 4 with up to 15 cool, like-minded people. It’s a great way to break the ice and bring out your competitive spirit. We’ll also have quirky “Connect 4” questions on the table to help you… Ummmm… Connect.

One thing you’ll find with Connect 4 speed dating is that you spend a lot of time working on your strategy trying to win. There’s definitely no shame in losing, but we want you to communicate. We give you a little extra time with each person so that if you do find that both of you are intensely focused on the game you still manage to have a conversation.

We don’t do name tags, coloured straws or anything weird – we just want you to have fun. The whole brand is based on communication so we want you ask each other’s name, have a laugh and get to know somebody organically. We have a no phone policy at all of our speed dating events. S,o that as soon as you walk through the door everything you do is focused on socialising. We do have a break halfway through so that if you do need to run to the toilet or check your phone you can do.

So, be bold and take the plunge with tickets from just £10 each!

Tickets are incredibly limited and do sell out quickly as we really want you to remember each person you meet as opposed to herding you into a crowded room to make as much money as we can.

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