Dating Events For Over 30’s in London

Dating events for over-30’s in London can be…. Hmmmmmm. Interesting?

I get it. I started Smudged Lipstick at the age of 34 to create events that were alternative and quirky – not the standard speed dating that makes you want to punch yourself in the face.

Fast forward a few years and we are now the best dating events company for over 30’s in London…… Even though we don’t just run dating events.

How Did We Get Here?

What we do is completely aimed at people who want to do stuff. Not people just looking to turn up. Because every event has an activity attached, everybody needs to get involved, roll their sleeves up and interact. This attracts like-minded people which in tern, means there is a better atmosphere and ultimately more matches.

Breaking the Ice

Singles events in your 30’s are notorious for the lack of atmosphere and effort. We make sure that everybody has an instant ice-breaker. This ensures everybody will interact organically without feeling like you’re being forced or herded like cattle into a room. Most dating events will feel that way and we make sure this doesn’t happen.

No Pressure

You won’t find any talk about “meeting the one” or love is just around the corner. That’s not us. We don’t want anybody to feel pressured as we have enough of that all around us as it is. I can’t stand how many companies will show love hearts in their logos or create a fear of loss by saying “the love of your life might be here tonight’. We don’t know what people are looking for. It’s not the 60’s, not everybody is looking for a long-term relationship.

Our Aim

We just want to let people be people. Everybody should be able to come to our event and have fun – that’s it. Once you’re having fun and enjoying yourself, you’ll find you’ll open up and meet more people…. And that’s definitely not a bad thing!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Jordi and the Smudged Team.