Experience the City: London date ideas this week 6 July – 12 August

Considering our lovely city is a mecca of exhilarating experiences, it’s hard to imagine anyone ever getting tired or bored here. But, it can be hard to navigate the landscape of events; a pop-up here, a food truck there – with so much of a smorgasbord at your disposal, which experiences are really worth your time?

Go underground to discover documentaries

Organisers of Secret Adventures are no strangers to new experiences and unusual gatherings (secret concerts, lake swims, kayaking). This summer, they’ve added Underground Cinema to the schedule; three films in a venue located somewhere underneath the river Thames. And if you start to feel claustrophobic, you can always go upstairs instead, as the ticket includes access to the Midnight Apothecary roof garden in Brunel museum (where you can sit around a camp fire). There are four dates available this month and tickets cost £25.

Botany + Cocktails

Got a green thumb and like a tipple while you get your hands dirty? At the Culpeper, you’ll select herbs and flowers from the rooftop garden as the team teach you how to ‘transform them from to leaf to mid-morning aperitif.’ There’s also a massive gherkin to take selfies with (and we don’t mean the building…). Tickets include lunch and cost £25.

The fast and the furious, on ice

Think James Bond meets Fast and the Furious, meets the Ice Capades. As if go karting isn’t fun enough, QUEENS in central London has decided to give you ICE karting. What’s that? You’re running there now? See you in 10. Every Tuesday evening, £44 per person for a 40-minute session on the ice.

Once upon a time…

OK, so Night Tales isn’t exactly your average bedtime story – it’s more of a fairytale of adult excursion in a magical garden. Swinging day beds, an 8m waterfall, an Agave cocktail bar, a beer and prosecco shack and a nightclub. And a kushiyaki restaurant called Fat Baby.

Everyone’s headed East for the summer

It’s a bit of a trek, but Stratford is becoming one of East London’s most popular evening hangouts. Home to Wing Fest last weekend, the hipsters have abandoned Shoreditch and found a new home. And the coolest experience of all can be had at Roof East, where you can play crazy golf, swing in the batting cage or show off your skills on the lawn bowl.