Fake it Until You Make it – 6 Ways to Seemingly Ooze Confidence

Fake It Until You Make It – 6 Ways To Seemingly Ooze Confidence

We all have those people who ooze confidence in our lives.

The loud ones.

The ones who don’t think before they act.

The ones who can walk into a room not knowing nobody – yet walk out with 100 friends.

It can be incredibly daunting sometimes when you feel completely overwhelmed by these people – especially when you’re lacking in confidence yourself. Recent studies have shown that you can manipulate your brain into thinking you are more confident than what you actually are. Pretty cool, right? Well,  here at Smudged Lipstick – we’re here to help you fake it until you make it and bust the inner confidence out of you like an Alien out of John Hurt’s chest.


ONE: Make Phone Calls

It’s so easy to hide behind emails and texts these days. Pick up that phone and have a conversation! Whether it’s a potential date, a colleague or even your mother – making a phone call shows confidence. It will also help you develop your communication skills which can only be a good thing.


TWO: Make Suggestions

Don’t be a fence sitter. If someone asks “what you’d like to do you?” don’t respond with “whatever you’d like to do”.  Tell them what you’d like to do – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.


THREE: Organise Activities

When it comes to dating (we’ll use dating in this example) being the one to organise activities is a sign of confidence. It shows that you are able to trust your judgement and know what it takes to execute a plan regardless of what it is.


FOUR: Do Stuff Outside the Box

Bar. Coffee. Dinner and a movie. Lame. Be bold and do things that they least expect. Something cool, something fun, something memorable. Life’s about experiences after all.


FIVE: Fall in Love With the Word “No”

We deal with rejection everyday in various forms. From Tesco running out of coconut water to people not responding to our Tinder messages, either way you’re being told “no”. The sooner you just grit your teeth and move on quickly without taking it personally the more confidence it will give you moving forward.


SIX: Do All the Things You Want to Do

By doing all the things you want to do it creates both an inner confidence to yourself and an outer confidence to those around you. People will see that you’re carefree whether it be the way you dress to what you do with your spare time and that’s a trait of someone is confident in who they are.

So, be bold, take risks and don’t be afraid to do and say what you please. Confidence is key and if you haven’t mastered it just yet – try these tips to fake it until you make it.