Free Blind Date London – Will and Bella

Free Blind Date London – Will and Bella

We sent Bella and Will to The Northcote in Battersea! They literally knew nothing about each other – not even their names!

We caught up with them afterwards to see how they got on…..

So, what did you think of your date? 

He Said: It was a good idea and really nice touch adding bottle of wine and sharing platter thank you.

She Said: He was tall and handsome. When I arrived and looked around the room for guys on their own who might be my date, I actually spotted him and thought ‘Oh I hope that’s him’ – and it was! So that was nice.  He also seemed intelligent and friendly and like a really decent guy. I never felt uncomfortable and conversation flowed well, though we struggled a bit as the pub was really busy and noisy.


What were your feelings about not knowing ANYTHING about your date?

He Said: I wasn’t too worried as just about everyone I’ve met through Smudged Lipstick is approachable and I trusted Jordi to make the right choice! hehe

She Said: I was far more nervous than I usually am before a date. Normally if I know a bit about them my fear is that they won’t match up to my expectations or to how they came across online. Without that to worry about, I found myself worrying far more about what my date might think about me, and whether he’d be rushing back to Jordi to complain about the awful woman he was set up with!  But I also liked it. I liked not having any expectations that could lead to disappointment, and it was exciting to feel that I was doing something different from the endless dating app swiping, so perhaps I felt more optimistic than I usually do before a date.



Did you find that as the date went along it was easier or harder to find things to talk about (in comparison to meeting via an app/online where you’ve already had numerous conversations about each other’s interests)?

He Said: It was easier to find things to talk about as the date went on. I had to remind myself that this wasn’t an online date!

She Said: It was certainly easier to find things to talk about because we had the full range of subjects open to us. We talked about our jobs, backgrounds, homes, families, interests and so on – though I did worry that I was asking a lot of questions and it might have come across as a bit of an interrogation! That said, I don’t know that it was all that different from a normal app date, because I prefer not to chat for too long before meeting offline anyway, so I usually show up to a date not knowing all that much about the person. 


Did you find you were evenly matched?

He Said: We were very evenly matched – not sure if this was planned or just chance? Had similar interests and outlooks.

She Said: Yes and no.  In some ways yes – we are a similar age and at similar life stages, also I’d say we were physically a good match in terms of height and body type.  We also had a fair amount of interests and values in common.  Personality-wise maybe we were less well-matched, I think I’m more extrovert and adventurous than he is, he seemed a bit more reserved and serious, but it’s impossible to really know someone after only a few drinks, so I can’t say for sure.  But I can certainly see why Jordi matched us.

Did you enjoy The Northcote as a date venue?

He Said: Yes, it was nice.

She Said: The pub was nice but it was very busy and noisy which made it quite hard to have a conversation. It was lovely to have a table reserved for us, and a free bottle of wine and a sharing platter, so we didn’t have to queue for rounds or decide how to split the bill. There was some awkwardness over which platter to choose – we were both trying to be super polite and let the other decide – in the end I made a suggestion and he agreed, but when the food came he didn’t eat much of it as he said it wasn’t really his thing. I felt bad and wished he’d spoken up when we ordered! 


Do you think it made the date easier or harder not having an activity?

He Said: Harder.

She Said: I think having an activity would have made the date easier, but not having one was not a problem. Conversation flowed well, and I had a nice time. 

Aaaaaaand, million dollar question – do you think you’re going to see each other again?

He Said: It was a great evening but no I don’t think so.

She Said: Not sure. The date ended with a quick hug at the tube station and we didn’t swap numbers. I thought he was a lovely guy but I’m not sure there was any of that elusive chemistry there. That said, I’m open to the possibility that that stuff can develop once you get to know someone better, so I’d be up for a second date to find out more, or maybe just to keep in touch as friends.

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