Free Virtual Blind Date – Felicia and Shaun

Free Virtual Blind Date – Felicia and Shaun

Times they are a changin’. The days of having a completely blind date are gone as the temptation to digitally stalk every person who’s ever walked the earth is just way too great.

Anyway, we sent Shaun and Felicia on a VIRTUAL blind date where they literally knew nothing about each other. Let’s see how they got on…

So, what did you think of your date?

He Said: I think my date was very beautiful,  had a lovely voice and great smile. Was easy to talk to and seems like a really decent girl.

She Said: I thought that Shaun was a friendly, nice guy and easy to chat to.

What were your feelings about not knowing ANYTHING about your date?

He Said: I was intrigued to see who I would be matched with. Slightly more worried as to how they would receive me.

She Said: In my normal dating life these days I personally prefer to have an initial facetime session before meeting in person these days – much less awkward and time-efficient (!) although slightly different as I would have already ticked some criteria off my list as opposed to a blind date…

Did you find that as the date went along it was easier or harder to find things to talk about (in comparison to meeting via an app where you’ve already had numerous conversations about each other’s interests)?

He Said: We spoke more as the date went on….. As the tasks encouraged us to get to know each other.

She Said: It was something different, so I just took it as it came. The tasks definitely helped.

Did you find you were evenly matched?

He Said: I think the matching was great from my perspective.

She Said: Unfortunately he isn’t the kind of guy that I would go for, but it was a pleasant session nonetheless.

Did you enjoy having some quirky activities to help break the ice?

He Said: I think the activities were fun. But I think we were too focused on getting them done. Also, as you can see, my drawing skills are horrible so it was a bit embarrassing…… Especially when her drawing was so good

She Said: I thought that the date was fun, and the tasks did help to break the ice a bit.

Do you think it made the date easier or harder via Zoom?

He Said: Zoom was easy to do and I enjoyed it. Obviously it would have been different in real life. It was cool though, I liked it.

She Said: It was slightly less daunting blind-dating online via Zoom I must admit.

Aaaaaaand, million dollar question – do you think you’re going to see each other again?

He Said: I would very much like to find out more about her and see what happens.  I’m definitely interested if she is.

She Said: No, unfortunately, but I had a fun time.


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