Help the Locals – Bull in a China Shop Shoreditch

Running a small business during this period is really tough – this is why it’s really important to help those where we can.

In our new blog series “Help the Locals”, each week we want to showcase things that our favourite venues are doing during Covid-19 and give you a real insight into the people who put their blood sweat and tears into running them.

This week we spoke with Simon Chen, owner of Bull in a China Shop in Shoreditch to give us an inside look into his business and how we can help.



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Peking Too Early is now back open! Home of East London’s finest Chinese takeaway food! 🥡 Cha-Sui Pork, Crispy Belly spork, Soy Chicken and more! ☎️ WhatsApp 07715 217652 to order 🛵 free delivery within 3 mile radius 📍located for collection at @bullchinashope1 🎬 huge thank you also to @137productions for the short film! Great time filming and love the final product!

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Which bars are part of your group and where can we find them?

We’re flying solo. Two brothers with 1 bar in Shoreditch, we had the Drunken Monkey a few years ago and  “the Bull” is meant to be us a bit more grown up! 
We were looking into getting a 2nd when all these Shenanigans kicked off.

Apart from the incredibly sociable hours, what made you want to become a bar owner?

I’m pretty sure my wife would not agree with the hours aspect but definitely there is a massive social aspect, and passion. The people in this business, especially the whisky industry are so passionate about their products.


What did you do before being a bar owner?

I studied photography and started up as a music photographer. Highs were a Paul Mcartney concert for 200 people, low was a 3 hour Cure concert!


What is the most popular drink/dish?

Our Camomile and Charcoal Old Fashioned was listed in Time Out’s top 3 in London and our Espresso martini was listed in Evening Standards top 10. I rate our whisky and honey glazed rotisserie chicken top 1!


What services are you offering at the moment during the lockdown period?

We have totally stripped down the food menu and gone old school “China Town Chop House” I have got some old recipes off my Auntie and we are  doing choices of chicken, BBQ Char Siu Pork or Crispy pork belly rice-boxes. The steamed rice is fragrant Hainan style, steamed with a broth made from the chickens with ginger and garlic and served with chinese greens.


What is the best way to order?

Call or Whats app us on 07715217625 for pick up or delivery within 3 miles, for the rest of June there’s a 25% discount for any first orders from the Smudged Lipstick community.