HELP THE LOCALS – Looking Glass Cocktail Club, Shoreditch

Running a small business is tough enough in itself let alone now – this is why it’s really important to help those where we can.

In our blog series “Help the Locals”, each week we want to showcase things that our favourite venues are doing during Covid-19 and give you a real insight into the people who put their blood sweat and tears into running them.

The Looking Glass Cocktail Club is one of our favourite venues to work with. Apart from being an amazing space, it’s the people behind the scenes that give it so much more warmth than others.

This week I spoke with Will Knowles-Mofford, owner of the Looking Glass Cocktail Club in Shoreditch to give us an inside look into his business and how we can help.




Which bars are part of your group and where can we find them?

Looking Glass Cocktail Club and Iron Bloom events space. Both are in Shoreditch.


Apart from the incredibly sociable hours, what made you want to become a bar owner?

I began working on the door of a night club whilst at uni and became completely addicted to nightlife.


What did you do before being a bar owner?

BA of social anthropology at Goldsmith’s university and worked part time as mentioned above.


What is the most popular drink/dish?

Our cocktails are ever changing, intricate and very inventive and all are worth trying at least once. Food wise it’s an easy answer, the Wagyu beef and bone marrow burger.


What services are you offering at the moment during the lockdown period?

During lockdown we are delivering our full food menu as well as some classic cocktails in small medicine bottles.


What is the best way to order?

Directly or via Uber East’s or deliveroo (always best to go direct though).

Thank you!

You can follow the Looking Glass Cocktail Club here on Instagram to see the latest specials on all the awesome and drinks they’re doing.

Thanks, Jordi.