5 Ways Lockdown Can Help You Improve Interacting In Real Life

5 Ways Lockdown Can Help You Improve Interacting In Real Life

As crazy as it might sound, lockdown is going to make you better at interacting with people in real life. Stay with me on this one, it is going somewhere……

In a world where people can barely leave the house without checking the weather on their phone, here at Smudged Lipstick our ethos is firmly built on running cool events that improve offline communication skills. Sure, whilst re-watching all 4 series of Veronica Mars (you can skip the movie – it’s crap) might not seem like the  best way to improve the way you communicate with people, there are a lot of other things during lockdown that will.


You will ALWAYS have some common ground to talk about. EVERYBODY experienced lockdown. Sure, it might not be the most positive of subjects to help break that ice, but you will always have at least 1 thing in common and nobody can ever take that away from you. Just try to be a little more creative than “how’s lockdown treating you?” when striking up a conversation.


Unless you’ve literally gone from box-set to box-set for the last few months (lucky for some) you would have found yourself investing that time into learning new stuff. Whether it be playing the harp, taking the perfect food photo or creating a vegetable garden in your flat – you’ll have some great new passions to talk about.


Having your freedom limited through no choice of your own will teach you how to be a more patient person if nothing else. Transfer this new found patience to your dating life by not being too worried if somebody hasn’t responded to your message within 3 seconds. Things happen, be patient.


Cheesy, I know. But, has there ever been a time in your life where you’ve been forced to spend so much time with yourself? Probably not. Use that time to not get caught up in the day to day and be that person you really are, not some robot that catches the tube everyday doing the same old same old. This will help you be the real you when speaking to somebody new, not some weathered version of yourself. Again, cheesy.


LAUNCH yourself into doing new things. Having your time taken away from you will hopefully make you realise that you’ve been putting a lot of things off or making tedious excuses. By doing the things you want to do, you’ll surround yourself with like-minded people…. And you can never have TOO many of those in your life.

Stay safe.