Jenga Dating Success Story – Geoff and Ang

It’s funny, when I first started Smudged Lipstick it never even crossed my mind that I’d get so much satisfaction from seeing people get together after attending one of our events. It wasn’t until after the first few events that I’d get bombarded with questions about “success stories” and whether our events work. But, despite our focus being on having fun first and finding “the one” second I have a lot of pride in sharing this great story about Geoff and Ang.

I won’t bore you anymore and let them take it away.

OK, the nitty gritty… How long have you been together and how did you meet?

Ang: We met on 1st Aug at Jenga speed dating and we’ve been ‘official’ now for nearly 8 months
Geoff: Met at Smudged Lipsticks Jenga night at the beginning of August. That’s when I met an Angel… but she didn’t reply to my e-mails, then I met Ang.

What was it that attracted you both to Jenga dating?

Ang: My friend Ruth suggested the idea to me and I like trying new slightly unusual stuff so said “why not”!
Geoff: I’d been to a Dirty Scrabble night out with a few friends and had such a laugh, was expecting the Jenga to be a bit tamer but it is a really fun twist on regular Jenga.

Had you tried other “singles events” before Jenga? If so, how did they compare?

Ang: Only regular speed dating which was pretty terrible – generally the women are always a lot hotter than the guys!
Geoff: I’d gone to another Speed Dating event a few times but it was mostly large groups of people helping their one single mate by attending with them. The girls seemed nice but not many of them actually made contact after the matching happened. Seemed like most people were out specifically to experience a speed dating event rather than spark a connection.


How long into the “date” before you thought “oh yeah, they’re actually not bad”?

Ang: I clocked Geoff as soon as I entered the room – as far as I was concerned, he was the only guy I found attractive. And when we started chatting I knew I was onto a winner.
Geoff: I remember seeing her come up the stairs before the event and thinking she was really hot. I was going to say hello but I was mesmerized by her beauty and the best I could manage was a hiccup and a really strange smile.

Million dollar question……Who messaged who first?

Ang: Geoff messaged me first.
Geoff: I messaged first. We were actually chatting for a while after the event and ended up walking back to the station together. In hindsight I should have asked for her number then but the best I could come up with was “This has been fun! Would be great if we matched, OK bye…” Really glad it happened!

Where was your first “proper date” together?

Ang: The Cuckfield in Wanstead on a Sunday afternoon.
Geoff: It was the Sunday afternoon just after the event we met at. We actually live really close to each other which makes things a lot easier. I think it’s important to make time to meet people if you’re serious about making a good connection. We went on 3 dates within the first week.

Any future plans… Like holidays booked?

Ang: We’ve been on a couple of long weekend breaks, Edinburgh and Marrakesh!
Geoff: We’ve been on a few trips away, met a lot of the family and friends. Everything happened quite quickly and it feels like we’ve been together a lot longer than we have, right now we’re both really happy just enjoying each others company and having some unforgettable experiences.

Would you recommend Smudged Lipstick to others? (Of course you would, right!)

Ang: Definitely! Whenever people ask how we met I can sense their intrigue and I’ve recommended Smudged Lipstick to a lot of single friends.
Geoff: Absolutely! People always make a specific face when we tell them how we met but when they hear more about it you can tell they wish they could give it a go. Smudged Lipstick was really different from what I expected. The girls I met were all really down to earth and fun. You can tell the events are really well thought through. Jordi obviously has a real passion for not just the company but also the people who attend. Probably the only speed dating company that really cares about how things go long after the event. Honestly, I was really dubious about Dirty Scrabble but it was one of the most fun evenings I’d had, Jenga was a close second. London is such a vibrant city, if you’re going to speed date then this is definitely the way you should be doing it.

The Ten Bells, Spitalfields – where it all started.