Adventure Time: 5 London date ideas this week 23 July – 29 July

As we’re in the business of love, we think it’s time we address our on-again, off-again romance with none other than…Love Island. Love or loath it (aaaargh, we can’t decide), you can’t deny the show has its entertaining moments, and it’s been announced that the big showdown will take place in exactly one week, on Monday 30 July.

If Love Island has inspired you to find some love of your own, well then we’ve got some fantastic ideas for experiences that’ll get you off your sofa and out for some ADVENTURE instead.

Get on that board

Haven’t tried paddle boarding? Then it’s about time you did! Active 360 has a fantastic paddle boarding session in Kew Bridge; you’ll get to see London in a way you probably haven’t before, get a bit of a workout and meet some new people. Bring along a date, a mate or go alone – either way, you’ll have SO MUCH FUN trying to not fall into the water.

Go on an intergalactic mission – on Earth

Ever fancied yourself an astronaut, but then realised you have a massive fear of spending months in a small space shuttle? No problem, because thanks to Backyard Cinema, you can have your intergalactic adventure on Earth. Mission to Mars is the new immersive experience – board the space ship and get comfortable in a giant bean bag (sorry, space chair).

The movie list includes space and alien classics like Guardians of the Galaxy, Interstellar, Men in Black and Ready Player One, among many more.


(Credit: Go Ape)

Channel your inner monkey

As kids, we loved climbing trees (and let’s face it, falling off them). This week, channel your inner monkey and head to Go Ape in Battersea Park. It’s a great first date choice, because you’ll be in fits of giggles trying to help each other through the adventure course. And they’ve got a 50 metre zip wire too! #TarzanandJane

Betcha didn’t know you could do this in London

One of the best experiences in the capital – white water rafting. OK, fair enough, it’s a bit outside of the city (Waltham Cross) but if you have access to a car (or can bribe a friend / date to drive you), you won’t regret it. Try the Olympic course, used for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Adventure of the dating kind

Dating is it’s own kind of adventure. Finding love isn’t always easy, and everyone has an insane dating story in their past. Color Me Badd Dates is quite possibly our funniest event, where people share the worst dating adventures they’ve had.  Bring tissues, you’ll be crying from laughter.