London Events April 12 – Everything You Need To Know

London Events April 12 – Everything You Need To Know

London is opening up again (insert party hat and streamer emoji here)! And whilst we’re all super excited to be able actually leave the house and socialise – some things won’t quite be moving forward until May 17th….. Such as events.

Will Events Be Happening in London in April?

Indoors – definitely not, but here’s what will change:

Commemorative events, receptions, wakes, and weddings can have up to 15 people.

What About Outdoors?

Outdoors, yes…… But they will be smaller ones as the rule of 6 is back (outdoor groups of up to 6 people from 2 different households)!  So expect walking tours, outdoor fitness classes and outdoor quizzes and various things along those lines. Venues that do have outdoor space will most-likely not be hosting events as they will be quite busy regardless, so public spaces will no doubt have more events than usual.

Drive-in cinemas will be allowed to operate as will outdoor attractions such as zoos and theme parks, so look out for special events happening in conjunction with their openings.

Group activities for children will also be extending to 15 (including supervisors) which is great for parents!

Funerals will still allow for up to 30 people.

So What Else is Happening?

Away from events, gyms, salons and spas are opening – but only if you go on your own or with a group from the same household. You’ll also be able to venture to non-essential retail shops AND holiday lets/campsites will be opening for those wanting a weekend away to help boost local tourism.

May 17th

We will be running events agin from May 18th! We’ll be adding a lot more cool and quirky events in London and across the UK as the world slowly opens up, so join our mailing list for the first option on tickets!