London Spelling Bee

Having to wake up in this cringe-worthy world of “gonnas”, “wannas” and “LOLZ” we decided to launch London’s first ever adults only spelling bee! The hilarious night will consist of various rounds of words and their meanings – each more difficult than the last. You can expect anything from Queen’s English and the Oxford Dictionary to profanity and the Urban Dictionary.

How it works:

There will be various rounds of spelling. Each round more difficult than the last! You will be able to ask the word’s origin and meaning and have it used in a sentence if you need help.

Tickets are at a flat rate whether you would like to compete or just watch and laugh your head off for moral support. Either way it is HILARIOUS!

Once you have purchased tickets please email us to let us know whether you would like to compete or not.

There will be some cool prizes on the night too for winners and losers alike.

Click here to see when the next London Spelling Bee is happening!